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The above slideshow exhibits the 3D modeling work I did during my second and third year at RIT. The first three slides highlight the multiple iterations of a fictionally branded cologne. The remaining slides include a paint tube, a futuristic elevator and a futuristic erasable pen. All work was done in Photoshop & Cinema 4D, each taking about 5 weeks to complete.

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Completed in my third year was an assignment where we had to come up with our own TV show and branding. My project idea was based on an extreme sports show that played highlights from various athletes on a weekly basis. My motion piece demonstrates how one might've experienced watching the show before, during, and after each episode. I did the entire project using Illustrator and After Effects, which took about 8 weeks to finish.


My fourth and final year at RIT I took a class that essentially allowed us to take the reins of our creativity and use the culmination of what we had learned as New Media Designers to create our own project. I chose to solely film/edit an abstract, dream-like music video which ties music, film, and animation together as one to represent how beautiful, yet ephemeral things are in life. The project took about 20 weeks with all the editing done in After Effects.

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Venu was one of the first fictional mobile application prototypes I conceived during my senior year. The goal of the app was to leverage the social networking aspect of concert experiences before, during, and after the show. To achieve this, I created a system of incentives for people to keep using the app, such as self-customizable avatars, points, and in-app "missions" to win free merchandise. The project took about 6 weeks to complete requiring both Photoshop and Illustrator.

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Puzzl Play was another mobile application prototype I designed during my senior year. The purpose of the app was to improve the way people interact with each other via texting. By combining inspiration from existing puzzle game apps, I attempted to enhance the overall the experience of sending/receiving photos along with a few other twists. Using Photoshop and After Effects, the project took about 10 weeks to complete.

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This slideshow details the 20-week senior thesis project I worked on in a team of 8 other students at RIT. While half of us were designers and the other half were developers, we came up with the above mobile app prototype through much research and collaboration. The goal of the app was to give people a way to express their emotions on various social networks without using words, but instead by choosing from the seemingly infinite "spectrum" of colors that exist. As a designer I helped build wireframes, determine styling, and contributed to various UI design elements. All work was done in Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator.

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Here you will find a few of my best photographs to date taken with my dSLR. I've always enjoyed the challenge of pairing my photography with appropriate typography. The first and third slides exhibit fake product advertisements I made for practice.